There’s a question I’ve heard more times than I can count. What’s the point of learning something new when I might not be great at it? What’s the point of writing anything down if no one will read it? What’s the point of showing up? Voting? Trying?

The question reminds me that we’re taught to measure our value in relation to other things. We’re not taught to cultivate skill, grit, or courage just for the sake of having any. We’re not told that the experience itself is the reward, not just a lesson for something ahead of us.

If we’re not destined for greatness, then what’s the point?

Well the point is entirely individual and human. It’s an effort to become whole and experienced. Showing up and learning new things changes our brains, teaches us new languages in body and mind, and makes us a part of something bigger. A single, stunning voice ringing through the theater will touch your heart, but it’s the bellow of the chorus that awakens your soul.

The experience has value, no matter where you stand within it.

Do the thing.

Act on the idea.

Live the experience.

Kari Napoli, L.Ac.

Photo: “Swimming and Diving (02/22/2017)” by David Moore –

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