Ah….spring! Such a lovely season, full of new growth, potential and…lots of pollen. Of course, here in the Bay Area, there is something to be allergic to year round – flowers, grasses, trees and mold. But, spring tends to bring out the worst for allergy sufferers.

Using a Neti Pot is a time-honored, simple and, for many, highly effective self-care remedy for allergies. Yes, I too had the same reaction many of my patients do when I first heard about this years ago – “What, you want me to put water up my nose?!?” But, with a little practice, it is easy to do and affords positive benefits:

  • It rinses out pollens that you have recently breathed in and have been trapped by the cilia in your nose. This means that you get a temporary break from the histamine reaction caused by your body reacting to the pollens.
  • In addition, the saline solution is soothing and healing to your mucous membranes, which also helps decrease the allergic response.

The Neti Pot is also a great tool for preventing and for treating colds. The flushing action can rinse out viruses that may be trying to “set up housekeeping” in your nasal passages, and makes the area less hospitable to the uninvited visitors. If you are exposed to people who are sick, do a neti pot rinse once or twice a day to help prevent catching whatever is going around.

Here are resources to help you get started:

  • You can buy Neti Pots right here at Energy Matters, or at your local health food store.
  • Click here for detailed instructions.
  • Check out this “how to” video from the maker of the Neti Pots we carry.
  • For kids – the NasoPure is a great alternative.

In Good Health,
Kirstin Lindquist, L.Ac.

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