winter2016_angela_blogIf there’s one thing we can count on in this life, it’s constant change.

As winter approaches the time of moving inward starts to naturally bend and curl up. Shorter days, longer nights, contemplation and staying home, all part of nature’s plan to slow us down and sink us in. Like the whirling dervish, the unfolding fern, the waves disappearing into the shore line, our blood flowing through our body and back to our pumping heart, we must keep putting one foot in front of the other, keep returning to home base, ourselves, the center of the spiral. This is essential for any kind of healing.

Spirals are everywhere around us: in nature, art, the womb, the spinning turntable, the labyrinth, the river. In light of the recent election and everything leading up to it and all the unknowns which will follow, it’s important to embrace the spiral and face this day, the moment we are in. Change happens. Not always the change we were seeking. To trust our bodies, to trust ourselves, to find our purpose and natural ability to find balance, can bring a wealth of peace amidst overwhelm.

When we are in a healing process, whether it’s a serious physical aliment or transitory condition, we must choose to dance with change and not fear setbacks. When trying to heal our bodies, hearts or minds, we often forget there can be much inward work to be done, to trust, along the way. Have your thoughts ever felt like they were “spiraling out of control”? Is it difficult to meet face to face with your health challenges and try to remain on course? We can fall into the trap of believing we are on a linear path with health, with life. When this one obstacle is overcome, there will be no more, phew! Yet, if we look out at our lives, history, nature, from the vantage point of the spiral we might see that acceptance of inevitable change is part of our healing and resistance creates more obstacles.

As the leaves are still dropping from the trees, and winter beckons with longer evenings and shorter days, spring’s explosive buds await. What are the key aspects of your own personal spiral that you can revisit, reinvent, accept?

Our dedication to inevitable change can bring profound gratitude for the intensity and understanding of life.

In our acceptance, we heal.
In our spiral, we spin freely.

For amazing artist and naturalist who obsessively painted spirals go here:

Angela Coon, L.Ac.

Photo Credit: cc-by-icons-150 “Merry-go-round and woman” by Arnoud Boekhoorn –

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