Self direction and self empowerment

are two of the most important components of healing. Understanding our bodies and connecting them with our minds is underestimated by too many, and there are many steps to discovering self care tools that work for each of us.

Sundays 10:30am-12:30pm

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Cost: $40/class

In Stretch for Life you will learn basic, safe and effective stretches as well as how to perform them properly. You will discover how simple things like a counter top or a kitchen chair can become your body’s best stretching assistant. Basic anatomy will be discussed and demonstrated so your mind can make connections between your areas of pain and your body’s functional capacity. The workshop will offer demonstrations, hands on assistance, and lots of support.

Learn one way to take charge of your health and discover the power of movement.

Shout Outs

I appreciated the teaching of “Why” instead of just “do this”. I definitely recommend the class.

I highly recommend Kari’s classes — I’ve taken two, and she is an excellent instructor. She knows anatomy and makes it real, has a wonderful sense of humor, and manages to give individual attention to everyone in the class. The stretches she demonstrates are ones I’m incorporating into my daily routine. She is spectacular! She knows her anatomy and was very clear with each of us. I learned so much!

Kari’s enthusiasm and encouragement and ability to work with adapting for individuals was excellent! I learned anatomy of lower back and safe ways to stretch.

The attention to detail makes the class exactly what I need right now! I learned how to ease and even up my sacrum. Splendid and highly recommended!

I appreciated Kari’s knowledge of how the human body works, what causes it to go off-track and how to get it back on-track and her sense of humor! Definitely take the class and see for yourself!

Kari’s extremely knowledgeable and is an excellent presenter and teacher. I appreciated her clarity of explanation and attention to each person. I learned a new, safer way of stretching.

The class is great. I learned that subtle changes are important; pay attention to them.

I learned how to engage previously unknown, unused and currently very sore muscles, and simple exercises I can do at home. Do your neck a favor and take this class.

This class is a great experience – I loved Kari’s thoroughness and asking for personal feedback. I learned I can stretch more than I thought.

Great ideas to help alleviate my lower back and hip pain. I appreciated Kari’s enthusiasm, her hands on approach, and her knowledge. Take the class!

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About the Instructor

Kari Napoli, L.Ac. Exploring pain relief, pain transformation, and the source of pain is just the beginning. Improving quality of life is my number one interest! Understanding your goals and helping you achieve them is my work.