Our Qigong Teachers


Kirstin Lindquist, L.Ac.
Owner and Qigong Manager
1st Set Beginner and Intermediate

Maureen Berndt
1st Set Beginner, Adaptive and Intermediate


Gail Whang
1st Set Beginner


Sue Boyle
1st Set Adaptive and Beginner


Jeanne Courtney
1st Set Intermediate


Peggy Dey
2nd Set


staff_maureen_sqMaureen Berndt

Since my first class in 1998, I’ve been inspired and supported by the many gifts of Wild Goose qigong, and by my teacher, Master Hui Liu. I credit the practice for sustaining me through change and challenge, and am appreciative of an ever­increasing sense of wellbeing. I’ve studied, practiced and taught the Asian healing arts for more than 20 years, and value the wisdom of these ancient traditions, and the power of the teachings. Qigong is the foundation of my self­care practice. It guides me into the day feeling balanced and centered, and calms me at night. As I move through the graceful, dance­like movements of the form, I imagine that like the wild goose I too can fly, and am at home in all the elements—land, water and air. One of my passions is to share the gift of qigong, and witness its transformational power. Since I became a certified teacher in 2002, I’ve taught classes at Kaiser Permanente, Alta Bates/Summit Medical Center, The McKinnon Massage School and Novonordisk Corporation. While it is important to learn the correct sequence of the 64­movement form, I also emphasize the cultivation of mindfulness, good body mechanics, posture, and alignment, to ensure fluid, safe and comfortable movement. I also consult with organizations and individuals to develop and implement wellness and stress management programs. I have a private Jin Shin Jyutsu Acupressure practice, where clients come to experience healing, relaxation, stress reduction, well being and a deeper connection to all aspects of the self.

I appreciated Maureen’s clear verbal instructions, images, patience. It’s very relaxing though strenuous…good for the body and mind.

Please take this class! Maureen is so encouraging and balances realistic expectations with positivity. I learned so much about my tendency to move certain ways, more about my limits and how to modify for my own needs.

I love how calm I feel when I take Maureen’s class. I learned how to move with a little more ease and grace. When I first started the class, I was losing my hair (from alopecia and stress) but now I ‘ve noticed my hair has grown back! I appreciate Maureen’s teaching style: firm, patient, compassionate and intelligent.

Qigong class is a calming source of strength and energy. I appreciated Maureen’s reassuring acceptance, attitude of calmness and positive encouragement, and her ability to identify areas of confusion.

I appreciated the slow pace of the class, and Maureen’s humour.

I learned to center myself, to pay attention to my body, to try to keep my mind here. Qigong fuels healing and is good for the body. I appreciated Maureen’s very clear instructions, and the peaceful atmosphere.

I appreciated Maureen’s style – she’s AWESOME. I will recommend this class, you bet!

I like Maureen’s calm voice and presence. The class is wonderful!

I appreciated Maureen’s kindness and sensitivity, the pace and the adaptability to different physical needs.

The class nurtures and cultivates awareness, overall mindfulness to self and movement. I truly enjoyed the class and how qigong has interwoven into my daily life. Wonderful instruction by Maureen. I appreciate her comments on her personal experience and growth through her own practice.

I appreciate the time Maureen takes to explain the details and simultaneously keeping the instructions simple and clear and easy to remember – a delicate balance! I learned how to release chi when I feel stagnation and stress symptoms.

Maureen broke down the movements comprehensively. She demonstrated so gracefully. It was a pleasure to watch. It is a good class to join for community and a means to keep moving as one ages.

Qigong has been my daily practice since I started classes last Fall and makes a positive difference in my life. I love everything about the class, especially Maureen’s careful instruction.

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  • Intermediate Thursdays 10-11:30am
  • Adaptive Thursdays 1-2:30pm
  • Beginner Fridays 10-11:30am
  • Beginner Saturdays 10-11:30am

qg_gail_teacher Gail Whang

I love teaching. I worked as an educator for 30 years and retired from the Oakland Unified School District in 2007. Qigong was the first commitment I made upon retirement. Little did I know how this commitment would impact me. Before retirement I was an intense super­planner, demanding colleague and 24/7 multitasking workaholic. Qigong helped me slow down and gracefully ease into retirement. After practicing for 7 years, I embarked upon a year long teacher training program at Wen Wu School where I received my teaching certification to teach Dayan Qigong.

Physically, I feel healthy and strong. I am more flexible than any time in my life. Qigong has also given me the confidence to self-­heal my various aches and pains without relying on drugs and doctors. Several years ago, I experienced sharp pains in both knees which, through this gentle practice, have healed. I am learning balance in my life and in my everyday activities. Learning to be more mindful and present is still an ongoing challenge for me, but through Qigong, I now have tools.

I am becoming more accepting toward things that used to bother me and cause me grief. I have learned about the power of energy. I find myself focusing on positive energy and consequently generating positive energy.

Qigong is teaching me about patience, especially toward learning. After the rigorous teacher training program, I am learning to be patient with myself as I work through and refine the movements. I am finally starting to internalize the notion that learning qigong is a lifelong process and not a quick fix. Teaching at Energy Matters brings together teaching, aging gracefully and sharing the mind, body and spirit wisdom of qigong with others.



Gail is encouraging and positive and makes this very fulfilling. She is a fabulous instructor. I couldn’t be happier. This is exactly the type of class that I’ve been searching for!

Gail is an excellent teacher and motivator, and this class provided me with the tools I need to begin practicing again – I am slowly making a commitment to daily practice.

Qigong helps my flexibility and makes me feel good. I enjoyed Gail’s warmth, lovely presence and positive attitude.

Gail is a great teacher! She has a thoughtful and methodical approach to teaching the movements. Each step is broken down in a way that is easy to learn. She is very calm and authentic, too. Qigong class has helped me to be more centered and grounded; I feel great after each practice!

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  • Beginner Mondays 8:30-10am and 10:15-11:45am

 staff_jeanne_sqJeanne Courtney

In 1999 I came to Wen Wu School to continue studies of Guang Ping Yang Taiji. I had practiced Taiji and also Zen Buddhist meditation for many years, and studied Shao Lin and Taiji with Kuo Lien Ying in Portsmouth Square in the early 1970’s. Over many years these movement and meditation practices have helped to keep me grounded and healthy while undertaking college studies and working, often in stressful environments!

Wild Goose Qigong captured my attention and has become the heart of my practice. I first encountered qigong healers and learned basic qigong practices in 1985 while visiting with friends in China but the Wild Goose form is most compelling to me. I enrolled in the Wen Wu School’s teacher’s training in order to study with Master Hui Liu more closely, as she had retired from direct teaching. Meanwhile I continued my professional career in Clinical Social Work in the medical field.

As way leads on to way, teaching became a natural extension of my practice. I’ve been teaching 1st Set in various venues in the Bay Area and elsewhere since 2002, and have been honored to teach 2nd Set at Wen Wu School since 2009.

In 2013 I retired from my work as Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Kaiser Permanente, in the Oakland Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic. It continues to be a great pleasure to share my qigong practice as a teacher at Wen Wu School, ACTCM community classes and Energy Matters. I enjoy private classes with students, mixed level group classes, small advanced classes and working collaboratively with other teachers in various venues.

 staff_peggy_sqPeggy Dey

I have practiced Wild Goose Qigong (Dayan Qigong) since 1996 with Master Hui Liu of the Wen Wu School of Martial Arts. I was in the first certified qigong teacher training course in 1999 and later completed the teacher training course for the second set of Dayan Qigong.

I teach at various settings, notably, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland; Wen Wu School, El Cerrito; Richmond Senior Center; Energy Matters, Oakland and West Contra Costa Adult Education School.

Teaching qigong as a self care movement practice helps me deepen my own understanding and interest in eastern and western healing modalities. This form of qigong is a practical tool for maintaining and nourishing one’s life force energy. I enjoy watching students increase their stamina, vitality, and sense of calm as they study and commit to this ancient practice.

My interest in Qigong has developed from a lifelong involvement with movement expression. I was enrolled in ballroom dance classes from the age of 6 and was an avid dancer through high school and college. I feel I learned the skills of body listening and being in the flow (the Tao) while joyfully jitterbugging. After college I was briefly in the publishing field, but then I left to join the Peace Corps. I was stationed in Nepal and taught in a high school for girls. Living in Asia, my love for South Indian classical dance developed. When I returned to the States I pursued graduate studies in the performing arts of both India and Java. I had the opportunity to live and study with dance masters for over a year in both countries. These were rich cross­cultural experiences.

Returning to California, my attention and interest in the healing arts grew. I graduated from The McKinnon Institute in Oakland 30 years ago and taught there for 13 years as a Shiatsu and Reflexology instructor. I helped develop the Asian Systems Program while at the Institute and it as then that my interest in qigong evolved. Qigong became the focus of the movement component of that program.

I have maintained a private practice in bodywork for the past 30 years. This includes several healing modalities in which I have been trained: Eutony, focusing on alignment and body mechanics; Osteopathic techniques of Cranial Sacral Therapy and Mechanical Link; Jin Shin Jyutsu; Breema Bodywork and, of course, Qigong. Over the last two decades I have taught several of these systems and have focused my teaching on Qigong in the last decade.