Why Wild Goose Qigong? We have built our program around a single style of qigong called Wild Goose (aka Dayan) because it is a complete and effective system that provides you with the tools you need to improve and maintain your health throughout the entire arc of your live. All of our teachers are lifetime students of GrandMaster Hui Liu, which ensures you are learning “the real deal.” Beginners start their journey by learning the first 64 movement “set” in either Beginners series, or the Adaptive series.

Our students tell us they experience:

  • Enhanced vitality
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • Less stress
  • Improved concentration
  • Greater flexibility
  • Strong immune system

We want our students to go deep into the practice of Wild Goose Qigong so that they can experience the myriad of benefits it can provide. Over time, students can progress into Intermediate classes and/or 2nd Set. The main “secret” about qigong is you need to do it to get the benefits! So, rather than thinking about it, why not sign up today and get started on a path to better health.



Week of March 19
No classes Sat June 30-Friday July 6
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Mondays:  8:30-10am | 10:15-11:45am | 6:30-8pm
Tuesdays: 6:15-7:45pm
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Fridays: 10-11:30am
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Friday Feb 23:  6:30-8:30pm
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Week of March 19
No classes Sat June 30-Friday July 6
Mondays: 1-2:30pm
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Week of March 19
No classes Sat June 30-Friday July 6
(Choose Your Day & Time)

Tuesdays: 4:30-6pm
Wednesdays: 6:15-7:45pm
Thurdays: 10-11:30am
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Beginner & Adaptive 8 Week Series
$125 (10% off for repeat students)

Beginner Intensive Weekend
$125 (10% off for repeat students)

Intermediate 8 Week Series
$125 (10% off for repeat students)

2nd Set 20 Weeks


Our Qigong Program

Wild Goose (Dayan) Qigong was developed over 1,700 years ago. The movements of this beautiful form mimic the grace of wild geese. We offer three levels of Wild Goose classes. Additionally, our teachers run several free weekly practice groups, and we come together to celebrate the Full Moon each month, and the change of each season at our Solstice and Equinox Practices.

Shout Outs

I learned to stay present & mindful in day to day life, and that even the smallest movements are so energetic/powerful. I appreciated the welcoming feeling of the practice and the friendly helpful staff. Everyone should try it!

I appreciated Maureen’s clear verbal instructions, images, patience. It’s very relaxing though strenuous…good for the body and mind.

I love everything about taking qigong – the beautiful place, lovely instructor, meditative practice. I’ll be continuing in order to learn more and deepen the practice. Thank you!!

You need to take qigong! I learned how to slow down, how to balance better. Energy Matters has meant the world to me.

It’s transforming – slows you down. Makes you appreciate the body and qi more.

Love, love, love it! I learned a way to take care of myself that feels right. I appreciated the calm, non-judgemental, curative, respectful space.

Qigong is enjoyable, relaxing and provides focus. I appreciated the patience of our instructor and the complete description of our activities.

Lots of fun, healthy, energizing, balancing, like acupuncture with no needles!

I really enjoy taking qigong. I gained a deeper understanding of the form, and appreciated the instructor patience.

I appreciated Maureen’s style – she’s AWESOME. I will recommend this class, you bet!

Qigong helps my flexibility and makes me feel good. I enjoyed Gail’s warmth, lovely presence and positive attitude.

Qigong has been my daily practice since I started classes last Fall and makes a positive difference in my life. I love everything about the class, especially Maureen’s careful instruction.

This class is great! The teacher is kind and knowledgable; the movements are presented in a clear and detailed way. It is the perfect start to my Saturday! The warmups have been great in my daily life and the form has been improving my physical and mental well-being.

Qigong is a good way of slowing down without being passive. I appreciated the dedication and enthusiasm of the teacher and assistant teacher.

The class nurtures and cultivates awareness, overall mindfulness to self and movement. I truly enjoyed the class and how qigong has interwoven into my daily life. Wonderful instruction by Maureen. I appreciate her comments on her personal experience and growth through her own practice.

I have learned about the power of energy to heal and create a sense of well-being. I find myself focusing on positive energy and consequently generate positive energy.

Service Type: Qigong

I learned that what seems intricate and complex can be practiced with pleasure, that energy is powerful and can be moved, that awareness of movement can extend to all parts of life. I appreciated the welcoming, helpful, & non-judgemental atmosphere created by the teacher, and the ease, friendliness and humor of everyone.

By awakening to the body’s inherent sense of balance, I have sharpened my mental focus and have learned new skills to help quiet the mind.

Service Type: Qigong

If you make the investment of daily practice and this class, your life will change profoundly.

Gail is encouraging and positive and makes this very fulfilling. She is a fabulous instructor. I couldn’t be happier. This is exactly the type of class that I’ve been searching for!

Qigong is easy and feels great. Good form of gentle exercise. I liked the step by step instruction and clear teaching.

It’s great for all ages and abilities. I appreciated the slow, steady, no-pressure pace.

I love Jerri’s calm presence, patience and humor. Great space.

I find qigong is very beneficial and worth trying. I am very much enjoying the class.

Healing! I came in ill, hurting, and very scared, and I feel much, much, much better 8 weeks later. I don’t learn easily by watching, and it helped a lot to have Kirstin’s very clear verbal instruction too. For the first time in my life I have a daily practice. I like the wholeness of it- the warm-ups and meditation pieces are important, too- come try it!

Qigong is a graceful, subtle, and beautiful experience in cultivating balance, energy and awareness of my body while learning about this fascinating, ancient tradition. I appreciated the knowledge of the instructors! I was originally in Kirstin’s class, but did a lot of make-ups in Gail’s and Maureen’s classes. The energy of this place is wonderful – high quality experience.

I love how calm I feel when I take Maureen’s class. I learned how to move with a little more ease and grace. When I first started the class, I was losing my hair (from alopecia and stress) but now I ‘ve noticed my hair has grown back! I appreciate Maureen’s teaching style: firm, patient, compassionate and intelligent.

A fun and calm way to destress. I like the no guilt policy for missing class. It means I can come and have it be fun and when it would be more stressful to add another thing to the day, I can miss and not feel guilty. I found that very effective.

Gail is a great teacher! She has a thoughtful and methodical approach to teaching the movements. Each step is broken down in a way that is easy to learn. She is very calm and authentic, too. Qigong class has helped me to be more centered and grounded; I feel great after each practice!

Open environment, friendly, instructive without strictness. I learned out to develop a practice, to be patient and gentle with myself and about being OK with not getting it perfect.

I’m 62, overweight, with arthritis severe enough to have required knee replacements in my 50s. So I need low-impact ways of maintaining strength and flexibility. and Kirstin’s qigong class is just a great workout for me. I have less pain from ordinary activities, and less pain means more activity, which leads to easier weight loss, better sleep, brighter mood. I feel younger and more balanced.

I appreciated the slow pace of the class, and Maureen’s humour.

I like Maureen’s calm voice and presence. The class is wonderful!

I enjoyed the relaxed, easy going style of the teacher, the incremental learning with no pressure, the beautiful space.

I liked the structure of the classes, the careful instruction and immediate feelings of well being.

Sue’s careful instruction help us use the correct form for each move. Her verbal descriptions as we move are great!


I’m learning about moving my body in new ways. Also paying attention to energy flowing in and out of my body.

Qigong is fun, centering – anyone can do it. I am surprised at how good I feel afterward!

I appreciated Maureen’s kindness and sensitivity, the pace and the adaptability to different physical needs.

I appreciated the cleanliness and organization of Energy Matters’ facility! The expertise of teachers and staff, and the gentleness with which they make corrections. The coordination of classes – both the content and the ability to do make-up classes.

Peggy’s depth of knowledge and sharing poignant, meaningful details provided context and background; and ultimately made things easier to remember.

I appreciate the time Maureen takes to explain the details and simultaneously keeping the instructions simple and clear and easy to remember – a delicate balance! I learned how to release chi when I feel stagnation and stress symptoms.

I appreciated Sue’s detailed instruction, good humor, and the non-judgmental atmosphere.

Qigong class is a calming source of strength and energy. I appreciated Maureen’s reassuring acceptance, attitude of calmness and positive encouragement, and her ability to identify areas of confusion.

I gained awareness and more sense of my body in space, and an altered/slower sense of time.

I learned to center myself, to pay attention to my body, to try to keep my mind here. Qigong fuels healing and is good for the body. I appreciated Maureen’s very clear instructions, and the peaceful atmosphere.

I love qigong! It’s an important part of my self-care routine. I feel more centered, flexible and energized.

Try it! Qigong is a great way to relax your body even when you are in pain. I always felt better after class. It takes time to master the exercise routine/techniques, so it helps to just take it easy going in and enjoy the journey.

The repetition made it really easy to build on the learning week to week, and to pick up easily if you miss some weeks. It was rewarding and very accessible.

Qigong balances yin and yang: it’s simultaneously gentle and challenging, movement and stillness, concentration and letting go.

Wonderful teaching – warm, inclusive and challenging. I am learning so much – beautiful form, inspiring group and teachers.

I find qigong physically and energetically beneficial. I like the pace and style of the instruction, the grace and challenge of the form, the calm energy I can access.

It helps me manage my shoulder pain & anxiety.

Major thumbs up. For the process of learning and the explicit result.

Please take this class! Maureen is so encouraging and balances realistic expectations with positivity. I learned so much about my tendency to move certain ways, more about my limits and how to modify for my own needs.

I felt really safe and genuinely included- I liked that the class really centered adaptive movement instead of just “including” it. I learned that I can access a movement class even with my high levels of fatigue!

Sue is a very enthusiastic instructor. She made it fun. Sue started and ended class on time with a 5-min. break. Her promptness is much appreciated,. Sue is sharp and always noticed certain movements that we have difficulties in following and she quickly jumped in to give us extra attention. She greeted each student with a radiant smile when we came into the classroom.

Qigong will make you feel better, mind-body-spirit.

It’s really helping my life in so many ways. It makes me much more resilient to difficulties.

Gail is an excellent teacher and motivator, and this class provided me with the tools I need to begin practicing again – I am slowly making a commitment to daily practice.

When I began Dayan Qigong in September of 2008, I had such bad aches in my joints- especially my hands and legs-that I was seeing my acupuncturist every week. Now, almost 10 months later, I hardly see him at all. He says, “Good! Do more qigong and less acupuncture!” Because I practice Dayan Qigong on a daily basis, I am pain free. Dayan Qigong is a graceful, effortless practice that for me is like flying. I would invite anyone to try this lovely yet strongly effective Qigong practice. Once you learn the basics it feels so good that you will want to do it consistently. Your body and heart will begin to feel so clear it will glisten. I know mine does.

Maureen broke down the movements comprehensively. She demonstrated so gracefully. It was a pleasure to watch. It is a good class to join for community and a means to keep moving as one ages.

It was gentle and challenging, and even if specific movements were difficult, I always felt better after class.

It was a deeply nourishing experience integrating mind and body. I learned an enormous amount in the 8 weeks.

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Wild Goose Qigong 1st Set Beginner: This 64 movement form is the foundation of the Wild Goose practice. It is taught over the course of two 8 week sessions; new students may begin with either Session A or Session B.

Wild Goose Qigong 1st Set Adaptive: Our Adaptive Qigong series is great for those recovering from an injury or illness, healing from surgery, or those who have a disability and would benefit from personalized adaptations of the form. These classes cover the same material as the Beginner series, and students may move from Beginner to Adaptive, or Adaptive to Beginner, as their physical needs change. Students may begin the Adaptive Series at the start Part A or Part B. Not sure? New students may attend the first class of any series before registering.


Wild Goose Qigong 1st Set Intermediate: After completing Part A and Part B of the Beginner or Adaptive series at least twice, students are eligible to join the Intermediate series. These classes focus on detailed refinement of the 1st Set and on helping the students deepen their understanding of Qi.

Wild Goose Qigong 2nd Set: After a minimum of one year studying 1st Set, students are eligible to enroll in 2nd Set. This 64 movement form is more physically and energetically demanding than 1st Set, and is particularly useful for those who want to strengthen their own Qi to use in service of others (health care providers, teachers etc), and those who enjoy the challenge of learning a second complex form. It is taught once a year, starting in January.

We also offer various free “all school” practice sessions throughout the year, open to students of any levels, including prospective students. There are also numerous study aids available – handouts, MP3 recording of the form, teaching DVDs and book. We do our best to support our students on the qigong path to greater health and well-being!

Qigong FAQ

None at all. All you need is the freshness of a beginner’s mind—where all possibilities reside.






New class sessions start approximately every two months. Check the sidebar to the right for information about upcoming sessions. To ensure the best learning experience, new students are generally only admitted at the first class of a session. Students with previous experience may join at any time. You may also want to sign up for our e-newsletter, which includes notifications of upcoming classes as well as lectures and other events taking place at Energy Matters.


Yes. You can begin practice by simply visualizing the movements. As your mobility and energy return, you can add movements to the visualizations. All of our teachers are skilled in making the practice accessible, and our Adaptive classes are especially good if you have mobility limitation.



No special uniform is required for qigong practice, but it is recommended that participants wear loose, comfortable clothes, and and soft shoes (like sneakers).


No! Some of our beginning students are in their late 80s. Qigong is a wonderful way for elders to exercise, and to experience greater relaxation and energy.






Yes. Qigong complements most forms of medical treatment, and many medical doctors recommend qigong to their patients. Students report that the practice of qigong helps them recover from surgery and other treatments more quickly. Check with your medical provider before beginning class.

Qigong and tai chi are both rooted in the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and focus on developing and directing qi through the practice of flowing movements. Qigong is a health care practice, while tai chi is an “internal” or “soft” martial art. Both promote health and well-being. Speaking generally, most tai chi classes are more physically demanding than qigong classes.


No. Qigong is a philosophy of life that fosters wisdom, well-being and harmonious living. Although individual qigong teachers may discuss spiritual philosophies, qigong is neither a religion nor a cult.




You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.
Tell me about your despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world goes on.
Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscapes,
over the prairies and the deep trees,
the mountains and the rivers.
Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,
are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting —
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.


Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

Qigong Price Menu

Qigong Series

$125 - 320
  • Beginner, Adaptive & Intermediate 8 week series – $125
  • 2nd Set 20 week series – $320

Qigong 6 Class Pass

  • 6 Intermediate and/or 2nd Set classes (not available for Beginner or Adaptive classes

Qigong Drop-in

  • 1 Class in an Intermediate or 2nd Set (not available for Beginner or Adaptive classes).

Workshop, Class and Event Registrations
If you find yourself unable to attend please alert us as soon as possible.
  • Cancellations 14 or more days prior to start of a series will receive a full refund.
  • Cancellations less than 14 days prior to start of a series can receive a partial refund or credit (20% penalty).
  • No refund for no shows or cancellations from the first day of the series.
  • Please contact the front desk at 510-597-9923 or info@energymatterseastbay.com to initiate a cancellation.
  • Energy Matters reserves the right to cancel any program at any time. If this is necessary, we will issue a full refund.