Inner Peace, Outer Peace

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Meditation is not just something we do for a certain period of time in a very specific place (i.e., the meditation cushion). It is a way of being – present, awake, receptive, non-reactive, compassionate, and taking appropriate action – with ourselves and all that is. It is a way of cultivating peace within ourselves, and by so doing, cultivating peace in the world.

In this 6-week course, we will explore how to increase happiness and transform suffering through mindfulness meditation practice. We will start out with fully guided meditations to help us enter deep relaxation, explore postures that help support our practice, and engage in discussion and ‘homework’ to help us deepen and benefit from our practice. This class is appropriate for those new to meditation as well as those who are open to practicing with a beginner’s mind.


Good class to learn different forms of buddhist practice; quick overview without a lot of sitting.

This is a very worthy class for beginner, taught with clarity and compassion. I appreciated the clarity with which Prajna spoke and talked for each theme, and her own compassion and warmth. I learned that meditation is an ongoing process. That it really does lead to self acceptance and the potential for love and healing.”

I appreciated the teaching and theory before the actual practice work, and I learned that there are multiple ways to practice – each with a unique focus and application. It was really helpful and transformative.

Great for beginners and folks who want to re-commit to practice. I learned how to be more present with big feelings and reactions.”

I am so grateful Prajna shares this with others!! I appreciated her sincerity and wisdom (and humor!). I learned that I too can do this and that my life is better for it. The recordings of the meditations] made a huge difference! I recommend the class wholeheartedly!

I learned to be mindful and more gentle towards myself and emotions and to use the meditation time to accept external and internal facts. Absolutely everybody needs this! Thank you for all the recordings and online resources.

This class is approachable to people of all levels. We covered a lot of concepts, but in a thoughtful, “no rush” kind of way. It is a great intro and I can’t wait to learn more.

Love the personality of teacher – fun, keep it real, compassionate. I learned how to be more present and mindful in my life. How to hold more complexity about different and overlapping spiritual views. It helped me to add tools to weather the storms in life and not be thrown, be more aware of blessings and more for active my blessings.”

This is a wonderful opportunity to dedicate at least a couple of hours a week to a supportive, well-guided mindfulness practice. You will leave the class with several helpful tools to nurture inner and outer peace.”

The lectures were very informative. I learned to be mindful and in the moment; to accept my emotions and life events that have occurred and impacted my life.”

I learned how to focus on being mindful instead of being caught on “day to day”

There is a lot more to meditation than I ever imagined! A lot more! I appreciated Prajna’s gentle approach, handouts and links.

I appreciated Prajna’s knowledge and wisdom, and earnest desire to share. I learned how to set realistic expectations for myself in my mediation practice.

Great loving beginning practice, very encouraging and helpful place to start and grow.

I appreciated the kind, accepting atmosphere the instructor created for the class and the information shared, exercises, homework and insights gained through all of it. I learned to more present, and to bring myself back to the moment and what’s happening within me. I learned to be mindful of my posture. If you want to learn how to be still and to have some very useful mindful skills and awareness, take this class. I am very grateful for this class and what it has added to my quality of life. Thank you!”

I appreciate this class so much. It’s more than I expected to learn. It was life changing experience for me. The instructor was excellent. So kind and informative.”

Your class was so beneficial for me and I’m so grateful for everything I have learned. You are a wonderful teacher and a wonderful spirit. August 2016

I appreciated Prajna’s gentle, clear teachings, and learned a variety of useful tools, some familiar, some new. You should try it!

It really helped me deepen my meditation practice, cultivate inner peace, become more compassionate with myself and others, and feel more at ease and awake to my experience.

It’s wonderful- take it! I appreciated the clear understanding and teaching, the lovely guided meditations.

It can change your life, but it is essential you give it 100% and go in with an open mind and heart.

Highly recommended, especially for beginners. I appreciated Prajna’s positive attitude and encouragement.

It’s wonderful! Please take it! It will change your life. This should be mandatory in schools so that children won’t grow up to suffer from lack of space to be present with themselves. I learned how to quiet myself; how to be myself; how to be in the moment; how to notice more beauty; be aware; experience; let go.”

I learned how wonderful the walking meditation is in that I am immediately aware of the now. Try it – it is worth the effort to come out.

Learned multiple practices. Prajna is approachable. Nice space – good energy.

I appreciated your gentle and loving manner. The homework was helpful. I learned that judgement is not at all helpful!”

Take the class! Be gentle with yourself – the class is gentle and loving. There are so many ways to meditate!

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Practice Community

Continuing the Journey
After completing the 6 week Inner Peace, Outer Peace source, you may have noticed that the practice of mindfulness goes a bit “against the grain” of how we are usually expected to operate in the world. To practice mindfulness is to choose a different path, one that trains us how to cultivate happiness and peace. It’s not easy to do on our own, without support, especially when everything around us encourages us to NOT be mindful, happy, and peaceful.

We need to protect and nurture this fragile seed of mindfulness so that it may become strong within us.

Practice community (also known as sangha) allows us to reaffirm and reconnect with our intention to be an awake, happy, and compassionate being. In this kind of community, we come together with others who share this deep aspiration, and engage in practices that strengthen this precious seed of mindfulness. Every time we practice together in this way, we water and fertilize this seed so that it can blossom into a beautiful flower that brings joy to ourselves, our families, communities, workplaces, and hence the world.

At each gathering of Inner Peace Outer Peace: Continuing the Journey, Prajna will offer a partially guided sitting meditation and give a brief talk related to bringing mindfulness into our lives. We will also practice walking meditation, and have the opportunity to share our experiences with trying to walk a mindful path.

Whether or not you practice or meditate at home, practice community is for you! Our mindfulness is much strengthened when we practice together, when we walk our own path alongside and with the support of others.

Community Practice gatherings are $18 per meeting or $60 for an annual membership (includes 4 meetings plus meeting recordings)

Prerequisite: completion of Inner Peace, Outer Peace 6 week course

Take a look at the Inner Peace, Outer Peace schedule and find the next Practice Community meeting date.

About the Instructor

General Practitioner, Acupuncture for Beauty Specialist, Dermatology SpecialistCommitted to the spiritual path from the earliest of childhood, Prajna found her home as a mindfulness meditation practitioner in the tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh over a decade and a half ago. She has been a sangha facilitator for many years and in 2013 was ordained by Thich Nhat Hanh as a lay practitioner in his Order of Interbeing, making her a Buddhist chaplain. She has first-hand experience with the deep healing that mindfulness practice offers, and has always shared what may be helpful with patients in her acupuncture practice. Prajna is thrilled to finally offer this practice in a formal way to her patients, as well as anyone else who wishes to experience the benefits that mindfulness meditation can offer.