During my first yoga teacher training program, I was gifted a talented mentor who was generous with both her knowledge and her time. One pearl of wisdom I took from her then and continue to carry with me now is, “Have a plan and be willing to change your plan.” This simple advice has granted me peace in so many situations because it reminds me of two things:

I am capable, I can form a plan of action
I am flexible, I can evolve with unforeseeable change

It encourages me to think ahead while continuing to nurture improvisational skills. It deepens my self trust, my inner faith, which is the light we all must take with us through times of uncertainty.

Have a plan and be willing to change your plan. You have all the necessary tools, you have gifts you are still discovering, and your insight has value.

Kari Napoli, L.Ac.

Photo Credit:  “Storm and sailboat 2″ by Annette Dubois – https://flic.kr/p/f9sszF

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