My cuisinart is another key tool that helps me prepare nutrient-dense, homemade meals most nights of the week. But I really only use it for one thing: to make slaws. In less than 10 minutes, I can make enough veggie slaw to last two of us a week.

I love veggie slaws: grated veggies with some sort of dressing. The variations are endless, and the slaws – unlike lettuce salads – having holding power, so they last for days.

Here is my no-brainer slaw making strategy:

  • Prep the ingredients: cut to size, peel if needed.
  • Load the cuisinart with the shredding blade.
  • Have a big bowl standing ready.
  • Run the veggies through the cuisinart. Takes one minute, tops.
  • Dump veggies into big bowl.
  • Rinse the cuisinart bowl, blade and top.
  • Mix up dressing, toss with veggies.
  • Done! Slaw for dinner, and for the rest of the week!

What kind of slaws do I make?

  • Current favorite: Spanish black radish, kohlrabi and/or celery root and one carrot with a dressing of sesame oil and rice vinegar.
  • Cabbage + red onion (just a bit) dressed with apple cider vinegar/olive oil dressing.
  • Carrot, ginger, apple dressed with lemon and orange juice.
  • Top any slaw with seed or nuts.

I tend to be a creature of habit, but if I wasn’t, I would try all sorts of dressings and all sorts of veggies. If you can shred it, you can make slaw with it.

More proof that slow food can be fast!

Kirstin Lindquist, L.Ac.

Photo Credit:  “Cole Slaw Coming Up” by Janet Hudson –

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