drybrushOne of my all-time favorite self-care techniques is dry skin brushing. The practice is simple: get a soft to medium natural bristle bath brush (available at local health food stores). Before showering or bathing, brush your legs, arms and torso (front and back). Brush towards your heart, several strokes over each area. Brush vigorously without being irritating to your skin. Takes about 2 minutes, and feels great – very energizing!

Your skin is an important detoxification organ. By brushing it daily or several times a week, you enhance your skin’s ability to remove toxins from your body. And, the act of brushing stimulates oil secretions, making your skin softer and more supple. Additionally, in Chinese Medicine, the skin is controlled by the Lung System, which produces your “Defensive Qi”. So, by stimulating the skin, you are strengthening your immune system.

Wow. For two minutes a day, you get detoxification, healthier skin and a stronger immune system. Get a brush and start today!

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