Acupuncture is the best way to gather and reconnect my physical, mental and emotional being. With regular care, my body has come to respond immediately and has re-patterned itself to use the treatments as a healing process..


For me acupuncture and Chinese herbs have addressed some chronic problems at their root, when Western medicine has only been able to treat the surface symptoms. I have also learned how to make dietary choices that enhance my overall health and decrease those same chronic symptoms. Acupuncture itself is a very restful experience, leaving me feeling both calm and vitalized.


As a result of receiving regular acupuncture I am physically and emotionally healthier: calmer mood, allergies gone, fewer sinus infections, fewer headaches, back and knee problems kept to a minimum so I can continue an active life.


I use acupuncture to remain healthy on all accounts. I first started going for my dance soreness and stresses and then later for help getting pregnant. My spirit is the first to be healed, then my emotional well-being, and finally the body. I see it as a circle. This work takes into account the emotional reasons for contracting illness and or injury and brings you full circle to a healthier, more focused, energetic person. It has changed my life.


Qigong balances yin and yang: it’s simultaneously gentle and challenging, movement and stillness, concentration and letting go.



I have learned about the power of energy to heal and create a sense of well-being. I find myself focusing on positive energy and consequently generate positive energy.

Service Type: Qigong

I’m 62, overweight, with arthritis severe enough to have required knee replacements in my 50s. So I need low-impact ways of maintaining strength and flexibility. and Kirstin’s qigong class is just a great workout for me. I have less pain from ordinary activities, and less pain means more activity, which leads to easier weight loss, better sleep, brighter mood. I feel younger and more balanced.

When I began Dayan Qigong in September of 2008, I had such bad aches in my joints- especially my hands and legs-that I was seeing my acupuncturist every week. Now, almost 10 months later, I hardly see him at all. He says, “Good! Do more qigong and less acupuncture!” Because I practice Dayan Qigong on a daily basis, I am pain free. Dayan Qigong is a graceful, effortless practice that for me is like flying. I would invite anyone to try this lovely yet strongly effective Qigong practice. Once you learn the basics it feels so good that you will want to do it consistently. Your body and heart will begin to feel so clear it will glisten. I know mine does.

21 Days to Better Health

I love this “new” eating… I’ve been soooo happy with Brussels sprouts, chard, sweet potatoes, yams, and especially different types of mushrooms!! The good news is that my glucose level dropped from 103 to 83.

Service Type: 21 Days to Better Health

Wow! Was I ever surprised when I stepped on the scale and discovered that I had lost 13 pounds in 21 days. The joint pain in my toes was gone and my waist measurement was 4 inches smaller. The comfort and support of the program leader and other participants provided momentum from one day to the next.

I’m a diabetic and my blood sugars had been getting too high after a bout with cancer and radiation. In those 21 days my blood sugars dramatically reduced and I got my energy back. Thanks to the program, in the last few months I’ve lost 6″ in the waist and 25 lbs.