21 Days to Better Health

We love food and celebrate its beauty, taste and healing potential. We’re in the perfect area to appreciate local, fresh, healthy eating and have found a way to fuse Traditional Chinese Medicine with what it’s like to live and eat in California today.

Our program is not a “fast”, not a trend, nor is it a quick fix. However, you will see fast results in the short run, such as clearer thinking, more energy and weight loss (if desired), while developing sustainable healthy habits for the long run. The basic premise is simple: for 21 Days, you eat an abundance of whole unprocessed food, you drink nutrient-dense smoothies and you take “food as medicine” supplements that support your body’s natural cleansing systems. This foundational approach gives impressive results, so much so that 80% of our participants choose to repeat the program, typically once or twice a year.

Would you benefit from this program? The answer is “yes” if:


  • You find yourself lacking energy, stamina and focus.
  • You are having trouble staying at a healthy weight.
  • You have joint pain.
  • You have high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol.
  • You have diabetes.
  • You have skin problems.
  • You are concerned about the health impact of environmental toxins.
  • You are committed to living a long and healthy life.

Angela Coon, L.Ac
Primary Care, Whole Family Wellness
Digestive Harmony
21 Days to Better Health Lead Practitioner
Nutritional Planning and Guidance

Kirstin Lindquist, L.Ac – Owner
Diabetes, Cardiovascular Wellness
Owner, Clinic Manager, Qigong Manager

Shout Outs

​I finished the cleanse last week. Down 10 lbs. with an amazing amount of new energy. I’m feeling great and will probably cleanse again in the summer or early fall. Thanks for all of the emails and the support!

I’m a diabetic and my blood sugars had been getting too high after a bout with cancer and radiation. In those 21 days my blood sugars dramatically reduced and I got my energy back. Thanks to the program, in the last few months I’ve lost 6″ in the waist and 25 lbs.

I love the program and felt very “high” and ecstatic during week 2. At the start of the program, I wouldn’t have believed that it would feel easy to adhere to, but it really did after the first week. My ability to focus is better, my energy is a lot better, the frequent bouts of itching have stopped, and my sleep is most definitely better. My two favorite smoothies are the spinach/ginger/lemon/apple and banana/raspberry. I love how I feel when I drink them. I sincerely appreciate your support during the program, and that you offer it to us lucky clients.

​Thank you for your support during the diet. We did well, losing weight and skin aglow, and enjoying our new recipes. Our meal tonight was mashed rutabaga and braised leeks (both Energy Matters recipes) with lentils (mujadara) and green beans. A colorful and healthy combo. A few more days to go. We are discussing what we want to make permanent part of our lives.

I did it!!! I have completed my 21 days! I lost a total of 11.6 pounds and 2.5 inches on my waist. I feel great!

Service Type: 21 Days to Better Health

I just wanted to say this is one of the best things I have done in a long time… both for myself and my family! I am back to loving to cook to nurture rather than a to-do! And my body/mind/soul is feeling better than I did in a long time!

I just finished the 21 Days to Better Health cleanse and I feel fantastic. I used to be the person who said “I can’t do a cleanse, my job is too physical” because I couldn’t imagine 5 am mornings without espresso or days without meat and dairy.

I was wrong. I will say the changes in my skin and energy level are the most wonderful results – and that is saying something since I dropped 13 lbs, two and half inches from my waist and an inch from each thigh! I learned a host of great new recipes for vegetables and even managed to pass off rutabagas as mashed potatoes to my family, a personal victory, ha!

OMG- the bone soup is changing my life. AMAZING!!!!! I am forever hooked. Thanks for everything!!! I’m feeling great and having consistently healthy poops for the first time in nearly 2 years!

Service Type: 21 Days to Better Health

Thanks for checking in! I’m doing fantastically well and I’m glad that I took the plunge and did the cleanse. I’m feeling better not so heavy laden and I have more energy.

Thank you for getting me healthier and more energy! 10 pounds lighter, 4″ off stomach and 3″ off hip.

I love this “new” eating… I’ve been soooo happy with Brussels sprouts, chard, sweet potatoes, yams, and especially different types of mushrooms!! The good news is that my glucose level dropped from 103 to 83.

Service Type: 21 Days to Better Health

Thanks for all the guidance. I definitely feel great. I also like the idea of eating this way 80% of the time.

I had been wanting to do “the cleanse” for months but events and friends’ visits and trips kept delaying things. My goal was to give my digestive tract and related organs a respite (though I eat sensibly for the most part, I have a lot of bad habits), and the idea of losing a few pounds would be a welcome side effect. I’ve always enjoyed challenges like the 21 Day Cleanse, and stopping everything (well, almost everything) at once was easier for me than going at my bad habits piecemeal. The most difficult night was at one of my Friday poker games (day 15); I hadn’t brought enough celery and carrots and fruit, and everybody was sucking down beers and eating junk. But I passed the test. I lost about 12 pounds – most of it during the first half of the cleanse. The fruit smoothies were a real high, and that continues to be my breakfast many mornings. I have changed the way I eat: many more vegetables and ones I’d never really tried much, more fruit, and always brown rice, at least when I’m home. I plan to do it every year. Fantastic!

Wow! Was I ever surprised when I stepped on the scale and discovered that I had lost 13 pounds in 21 days. The joint pain in my toes was gone and my waist measurement was 4 inches smaller. The comfort and support of the program leader and other participants provided momentum from one day to the next.

I’m on Day 8–yay! I really love this cleanse so much. The recipes are so delicious, and I feel really empowered–like I’m learning how to take care of myself and my body. And learning to cook! The cleanse has all these ripple effects too, motivating me to do more yoga, meditation, acupuncture. Tonight my mom and I are treating ourselves to massages.

Today is a great day. Before I started the detoxification process, I didn’t really think about what I was putting into this body of mine. Since the cleanse I have lost 15 pounds, and not sure about the inches. It takes about 21 days to make something a habit, so this morning just like every morning for the past 21 days, i made my smoothie, chicken breast and salad for lunch (and of course i took my herbs). I am really excited about the 80/ 20 way of eating.

(From a participant at the end of his second cleanse)
Our post cleanse routine had remained very close to our ‘final days’ so this time around was a breeze.

I’ve been so impressed with impact and change that can come from a mere 21 days of focus, education and discipline. I consider myself a convert and your biggest fan. (And that was definitely NOT a true statement back on my first day 3 <grin> ).

Can’t thank you enough.

Kirstin & Angela,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You have inspired & taught me to eat healthier and in a new way. The gifts of my life and good fortune just keep coming from Energy Matters: first it was acupuncture, then cupping, then saving my voice and avoiding surgery, then qigong classes and now Standard Process 21 day cleanse and finally a new and better way to eat.

I’m so happy that fate brought you into my life!!  Keep up the amazing work as you have been an amazing gift to me.

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How to Get Started

Step One:

  1. Click on our audio recording (to the left) to listen online!
  2. Click here to read the lecture notes. Coming Soon!
  3. Click here to watch a short informational video. Coming Soon!

Also read through our FAQs. Still not sure if the program is for you? Call our office and ask to set up a brief phone conversation with one of our 21 Days to Better Health practitioners to get your questions answered.

Step Two: Decide if you want to do the program on your own timing, or with one of the groups we run throughout the year. Groups start date for 2017 are May 15th and September 18th. The main difference in joining a group is that everyone starts on (or around) the same date, so there is more camaraderie in our Facebook Group. Same great program either way.

Step Three:  Call or email us to purchase your kit! At this time, you will also set up your Pre-Program consultation. One of the hallmarks of our program is that you will be working closely with a practitioner throughout the process to ensure your success. This begins with a consultation before you start, and continues throughout the 21 Days with email and phone support.

Already Signed Up?

21 Days to Better Health FAQ


The cost of the program is $222+tax ($234+tax for the dairy free version) and includes: food-based supplements and smoothie powders for the 21 days; a pre-program phone consultation to review your health goals, answer questions and help you strategize for success; support via email and/or phone throughout the 21 Days; Program and Recipe Guides; daily informational emails.

That, of course, is variable, but average weight loss for those who are looking to lose weight is 8-12 pounds for women and 12-15 for men.
The beauty of this program is that it is equally effective if you want to lose weight, or if you do not. The point of the program is to detoxify your body; weight loss is a “side effect” of the program, as the supplements and foods work to help your body to release stored toxins. If you are not overweight, as long as you eat plenty of the allowed foods you will not lose weight, but you may lose inches.
This program is most definitely not a fast. There are many foods you will not be eating, but the point of the program is to nourish your body with pure, un-adulterated foods and to detoxify your body with the specially designed food-based supplements. Food is medicine.


You will be eating vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, lentils or brown rice, and protein shakes. During the second half of the program, you may add small amounts of fish and meat.

Yes! We have participants from all over the country (and beyond) doing the program. Since we primarily support our participants via phone and email, you can participate from anywhere! The main issue issue you need to think about is allowing at least one week for your 21 Day Kit to arrive, so plan ahead.
Yes. You will be able to do your normal life while on the program. You will want to plan your start date so that the first few days are over a weekend, as you may have some fatigue, achy joints or other detox symptoms at the beginning. The program is designed to allow your body to detox gradually and efficiently without throwing you into crisis.
The first time you do the program, we suggest you plan your start date so that you are not traveling during the first 10 days. It is possible to travel while on the program, but you will need to think ahead about your options for making shakes, and for accessing whole, unprocessed food. Once you have figured out your systems at home, you will be able to strategize for travel. Your practitioner can help you with this process.
We don’t advise doing the Program while pregnant or breastfeeding. When pregnant, you want your body to focus all of its energy on nourishing your baby and you. The same thinking goes for breastfeeding. Detoxing takes energy. Better to do the program before getting pregnant so you can enter pregnancy at the peak of health, and/or do the program once finished with breastfeeding.
This program is compatible with most medications. When you sign up, your practitioner will review your health history and advise you regarding medications.