Gentle Qigong 8 Week Series
DIY Health Care!
Wed 4:30-6pm starts March 18
Thur 10-11:30am starts March 19

Stretch for Life
Decrease Pain, Increase Motion
Thursdays, 6:30 PM starting 4/30

Community Book Club
March 5, 6-8pm



Whether you are seeking relief from a recent injury, or need help navigating complex health issues, we can provide you with the most effective natural medicine possible. Chinese Medicine is the oldest system of health care in the world, and our acupuncturists expertly tap its deep history to address health problems of the modern world. Navigating medical options is growing increasingly complex – our patient-centered clinic is designed to take the stress out of seeking and receiving care. Talented and caring practitioners, efficient and friendly support staff – isn’t that what “health” “care” should be about?


Energy Matters is Oakland’s Qigong hub, offering complete programming for all levels. By learning and practicing the effective and beautiful form Wild Goose Qigong form, you will acquire a complete system of “do it yourself” health care for all ages and abilities. This ancient practice will give you the serenity, balance and flexibility you need for modern living, and will help you heal from injury and illness. Join the “qigong revolution” at Energy Matters today!

21 Days to Better Health

Our 21 Days To Better Health Program uses an abundance of whole unprocessed food and food-based supplements to cleanse your body’s detoxification systems so that you can have more energy, maintain a healthy weight, improve your digestion and protect yourself against degenerative diseases. Your body will feel better during the program, and you will be building long-term habits to sustain the changes.


Shout Outs

Acupuncture is the best way to gather and reconnect my physical, mental and emotional being. With regular care, my body has come to respond immediately and has re-patterned itself to use the treatments as a healing process..

I would definitely recommend the facial rejuvenation treatments to anyone that is wanting to roll back the clock on your body and mind.

Qigong balances yin and yang: it’s simultaneously gentle and challenging, movement and stillness, concentration and letting go.

By awakening to the body’s inherent sense of balance, I have sharpened my mental focus and have learned new skills to help quiet the mind.

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